Black-whiskered Vireo (species: Vireo altiloquus) in taxonomy (Gaia Guide)
Vireo altiloquus
Black-whiskered Vireo

©Allan Hopkins: Black-whiskered Vireo (Vireo altiloquus) showing the distinctive black whisker down the neck

©Ron Knight: Black-whiskered Vireo (Vireo altiloquus)

©Josh Noseworthy: Black-whiskered Vireo (Vireo altiloquus)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Vireonidae
Genus Vireo
Species Vireo altiloquus
Status least concern



Distinguishing features

The adult black-whiskered vireo has dull olive-green upperparts and white underparts, with yellowish on the flanks and under the tail. It has red eyes and a grey-brown crown with faint dusky edges. There is a dark line through the eyes and a white eyebrow stripe. There is a distinctive black line (the “whisker”) on the neck sides. It has thick blue-grey legs and a stout bill.

Juvenile birds are similar, but have brown-red eyes. (Wikipedia)


  • From 14 cm to 15 cm (Length of specimen) - applies to Adults


  • Up to 26 cm and averaging 25 cm


Similar taxa


Distribution and habitat preferences

It breeds in southern Florida, USA, and the West Indies as far south as the offshore islands of Venezuela.

It is a partial migrant, with northern birds wintering from the Greater Antilles to northern South America. It has occurred as a rare vagrant to Costa Rica.

The breeding habitat is open deciduous wooded areas and cultivation, and in Florida also mangroves. (Wikipedia)

Audio recordings


Recorded at La Guira NP, Pinar del Río in Cuba.

© Hans Matheve


It gleans insects from tree foliage, sometimes hovering while foraging. It will also eat small quantities of berries. (Wikipedia)

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