Bynoe's gecko (species: Heteronotia binoei) in Yungaburra, QLD (Gaia Guide)
Heteronotia binoei
Bynoe's gecko

©Bill Bell and Mark Bell: Heteronotia binoei

©Bill Bell and Mark Bell: Binoe's prickly gecko

©Nathan Johnson: Bynoe's gecko (Heteronotia binoei)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Gekkonidae
Genus Heteronotia
Species Heteronotia binoei



Distinguishing features

Known from the Lizard Island area only from a single record from Eagle Island (ALA accessed 8 Sep 2019).


  • Up to 5.4 cm (Snout to vent length)



©Atlas of Living Australia: Australian distribution

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