Australian King-parrot (species: Alisterus scapularis) in Bullala NP (Gaia Guide)
Alisterus scapularis
Australian King-parrot

©Charlie: Male and female Australian King Parrots

©Charlie: Male Australian King-parrot (Alisterus scapularis)

©Charlie: Female Australian King-parrot (Alisterus scapularis)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Psittaciformes
Family Psittacidae
Genus Alisterus
Species Alisterus scapularis
Status least concern



Distinguishing features

The adult male has a red head, breast, and lower undersides, with a blue band on the back of the neck between the red above and green on the back. The wings are green and each has a pale green shoulder band, the tail is green, and the rump is blue. The male has a reddish-orange upper mandible with a black tip, a black lower mandible with an orange base, and yellow irises.

The plumage of the female is considerably different to the male, having a green head and breast, a grey beak, and the pale shoulder band is small or absent.

Juveniles of both sexes have brown irises and a yellowish beak, and otherwise resemble the female.

There are two subspecies; A. s. minor is found at the northern limit of the species range and is similar in appearance to the nominate subspecies but smaller, typically about 5 cm (2 in) smaller in length. (Wikipedia)


  • From 40 cm to 43 cm (Length of specimen)


  • From 80 cm to 95 cm



©Atlas of Living Australia: Australian distribution: Australian King-parrot (Alisterus scapularis)

Audio recordings


Flight call, Dharug National Park, Australia

© Marc Anderson


Recorded at Royal National Park, New South Wales in Australia

© Marc Anderson


They feed on fruits, seeds and small insects. (Wikipedia)

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