Vireos (family: Vireonidae) in Guyana Birds (Gaia Guide)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Vireonidae

Distinguishing features

They are typically dull-plumaged and greenish in color, the smaller species resembling wood warblers apart from their heavier bills. (Wikipedia)


  • Size data has not been obtained.


  • Wingspan data is not yet available.


Distribution and habitat preferences

Most species are found in Middle America and northern South America. Thirteen species of true vireos occur farther north, in the United States, Bermuda and Canada; of these all but Hutton's vireo are migratory. Members of the family seldom fly long distances except in migration. They inhabit forest environments, with different species preferring forest canopies, undergrowth, or mangrove swamps. (Wikipedia)

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