Collared Forest-Falcon (species: Micrastur semitorquatus) in Birds of Argentina (Gaia Guide)
Micrastur semitorquatus
Collared Forest-Falcon

©Dick Culbert: Collared Forest-Falcon (Micrastur semitorquatus)

©Dominic Sherony: Collared Forest-Falcon (Micrastur semitorquatus)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Falconiformes
Family Falconidae
Genus Micrastur
Species Micrastur semitorquatus



Distinguishing features

The collared forest falcon has a dark coloured back with a white neck and breast. The species has three morphological variants (morphs): pale, tawny and dark. The former two have a light coloured collar at the back of their neck, which explains their name. Although its forest lifestyle, rounded, relatively short wings, long tail and lack of the characteristic beak tooth suggest affinities to hawks, there are several morphological connections to the Falconidae in which it is now placed, e.g. moult pattern and the morphology of the skull. (Wikipedia)


  • From 46 cm to 56 cm (Length of specimen)


  • Up to 86 cm



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