Scrambled Egg Slime Mould (species: Fuligo septica) in Cairns and Surrounds (Gaia Guide)
Fuligo septica
Scrambled Egg Slime Mould

©David: Scrambled Egg Slime Mould (Fuligo septica), Stratford, Pile of Mulch

©David: Scrambled Egg Slime Mould (Fuligo septica)
Kingdom Protista
Phylum Eukaryota
Class Myxogastria
Order Physarales
Family Physaraceae
Genus Fuligo
Species Fuligo septica

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features still need to be specified.


  • Size data has not been obtained.


Interesting facts

  • When two or more slime mould cells meet they dissolve the membranes that separate them & fuse together. They become two individuals existing within the same body. These then join with others to become a multitude of individuals; a collective. This collective starts moving as one, changing shape, developing a heightened sensitivity to the world around it and if it wasn’t limited to its size, it would take over Life on Earth.

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