Help: how field guides work (Gaia Guide)

Help: how field guides work help

Gaia Guide organises descriptions into hierarchies. These hierarchies are referred to as field guides. Any description can be included in many different field guides but each description can only be included once in any given field guide. Thus, the killer whale might be included in both the field guide for mammals and the field guide for marine creatures of the Southern Ocean. However, it would only be included in each one once.

When viewing a description, you are also shown information about the field guides that include that description. At the top of the page is the trail of breadcrumbs showing where the description has been included in the field guide that you are currently exploring.

At the bottom of the description is a list of all other field guides that include the description. These other field guides are organised into two types: those you have shown an interest in previously and those that you are hidden because have not paid attention to them previously or that you have deliberately chosen to hide. For brevity, the hidden field guides are just named. The other field guides that may be of interest to you, however, are shown in all of their glorious detail, setting out, again with breadcrumb links, where the description fits into each of their hierarchies.

By clicking on a link to field guide or a description within a field guide that is shown at the bottom of a description, you are making the chosen field guide the one that you are currently viewing. This is a useful way of flipping between field guides when editing field guide structures.

How to hide fieldguides

When using Gaia Guide, you can be overwhelmed by the amount of information about field guides that is available. This is why you can control which field guides are made prominent in the website. By using the my field guides link in the navigation bar, you can see a list of those field guides that you are deemed to currently be interested in. Simply check each one that you want to ignore and save your changes. The selected field guides will remain low-profile until you deliberately select them again.